Paris, A Resident's Perspective

From 6th to 18th of August, Joanna Wong, Vesna Santak and I ran a photography and multimedia exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Greta Gallery.

Contrary to a touristic/parisien point of view, the exhibition offers an artistic and resident's perspective of Paris. I had the opportunity to present my music visualization and performed at the opening of the exhibition. And the video installation of the music visualization has integrated and became part of the exhibition. After all, we may also call it Music from Paris.

The croatian national news channel HTV1/HRT came to the gallery for the opening and interviewed us. Our works are presented in the cultural and art news report Vijesti iz kulture on the TV. I still can't bear having my voice dubbed on the interview, but here is the video:

You may see some of the recent pictures of Joanna on her website